My love letter to New York City

love letter to New York

My beloved Big City of Dreams, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? My attention hasn’t been elsewhere since we said goodbye. At the moment, I am quarantined on the other side of the ocean, pouring my heart into this love letter to New York. For years, I’ve tried to explain to others why I’m infatuated with you. After all, New York City is not necessarily an easy place to love. But to me, with your highs & lows, hopes & dreams and so much beauty in all the chaos, you are perfectly imperfect.

Time to write my love letter to New York City

NYC, my heart in city form

Our love story with began on a summer’s day in autumn. The sun was bright when your Avenues, in all their charm, started flirting with me. From the highest skyscraper I experienced your ‘cityness’ while the sun set over Manhattan. And I had no idea that, at that moment, I was falling in love. Understatement, actually.

It was not your endlessly entertaining views or vibrant history that romanced me unlike anything else. It was the feeling. The magic vibe. The stream of energy. The air full of promise. I felt like I belonged in that world of limitless opportunities. It escalated quickly and I continued returning so I got to know your true character, your strength and your resilience.

Aim high, dream big

It is you where I lost and found myself. I am a dreamer, always looking for ‘what’s next’. With your endless possibilities for adventures, you have no choice but to become your best self. And so, I did. You changed me to never settle for nice, pleasant or familiar. You gave me the energy to keep looking until I found that thing that really resonates with my soul. It’s in the things that deeply inspire me that I found myself. And for that, I am forever grateful to you.

You have a sense of magic that I cannot find elsewhere in the world. That vibe makes me feel most alive. You taught me to live out dreams I never knew I had. To go with my gut, so I can chase what sets my heart on fire and sprinkles sparkles in my eyes. You learned me what my dream is and to go after it like my life depends on it. Because it does.

Another lesson learned: there can be a lot of heartbreak when you fall in love with a city like you. But even on your worst days, you backhanded me in my face with love. So much love.

Patience means I already trust that it will happen

Since the world is upside down, my love for you has never changed, but everything else has. More than ever, I realize that the best things in life take a lot of patience and hard work. I trust my gut feeling so I still believe we will reunite and it will all happen.

Thank you, Big Apple of my Eye, for bringing the real me out and for the courage to go confidently in the direction of my dream. I might had to leave you, but I left my heart with you so you never really leave me. See you, soon.


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  1. 19 februari 2021 / 10:04

    I feel very similar to New York. My hardest breakup was not to a person but to the city. It’s been almost 9 years since I left and I still remember the feeling of feeling energised and drained from the city.

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